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At MSNA, we take immense pride in our history of superior service and successful outcomes for our clients, stakeholders and partners. MSNA professionals have a combined experience of over 105 years and hale from the business, legal and financial professions creating a powerful offering of individuals who can tackle almost any corporate finance, banking and lending, or complex transactional challenge on an international basis.

Focus is critical in any professional organization. MSNA concentrates many of its engagements in high-growth and return categories including but not limited to Energy and “Green Energy” infrastructure and development, Waste-to-Energy, Financial Services and FinTech, Food and Beverage Healthcare and Telemedicine and Distressed Real Estate opportunities. While these are core competencies, the Firm has also successfully managed projects in different business categories (e.g., gaming, hospitality, automotive) where clients have realized very desirable outcomes.

MSNA counsels its clients on a number of different potential financing transactions which include:

  1. Asset Backed Debt Financings: Helping clients access debt financing from financial institutions that make secured loans to businesses to expand their businesses.

  2. Private Placements: Assisting clients with annual revenues greater than $20 Million USD in navigating the process required to raise capital through the sale of equity with the help of investment bankers, specialized outside legal counsel and select third parties to achieve business goals.

  3. SPAC Offerings: SPAC Offerings or Initial Public Offerings of Special Purpose Acquisition companies are specialized “Blank-Check” company offerings in a specified business category designed to allow the company’s sponsors to acquire and grow companies in a specific business category into successful businesses.

  4. Direct Listings: Assisting clients who meet specific requirements (e.g., 300 plus existing shareholders, audited financial statements, revenues in excess of $20 Million USD) make a special request for a direct Listing on Nasdaq.

  5. Initial Public Offerings: Assisting clients with retaining specialized securities counsel, investment bankers, public auditors and other necessary third parties to position their companies and move toward an initial public offering (IPO) of their companies on a desired securities exchange (e.g., Nasdaq, NYSE).  

  6. Shell Companies: Helping clients identify and acquire a public Shell Company in connection with a company’s desire to become a publicly listed company on the Over-the-Counter Exchange (with a potential goal of “up-listing” to Nasdaq).

  7. Lease/Finance: Through our 36-year-old sister company, we provide our Clients with Equipment and Lease Finance options for equipment acquisitions from %500,000 to $100 Million USD plus in a diverse array of business categories including but not limited to manufacturing, heavy equipment, IT and Technology, food and beverage, shipping, aviation and more.

  8. Based on the circumstances of each case, including whether required criteria are met, there may be other financing initiatives available (e.g., trade-financing, EBITDA based debt instruments, bank or commercial loans and monetization, bond or note offerings, loans secured by publicly traded equities etc.

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